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SquareCorp is a global energy trader of crude oil and petroleum products, with strategic relationships with global trading houses and refineries in Europe. SquareCorp also provide EPIC - Engineering Procurement Installation Commissioning of Petroleum Refineries and a full range of oil and gas integrated services and subsea services, delivering solutions for large scale construction, engineering and energy capital projects. We provide our clients with the highest quality products and services, while always maintaining a commitment to safety, sustainability, and environmental stewardship.

SquareCorp is a leader in energy petroleum products, providing quality services to our customers for over 20 years. We are passionate about being a responsible and contributing citizen to a global society and economy. Our commitment to sustainability and renewable energy has led us to explore and invest in green technology initiatives. We are constantly looking to innovate and develop energy solutions that are environmentally conscious and cost-effective. We take pride in being a reliable partner to our customers, offering a comprehensive suite of services that help them efficiently manage their energy needs. Our team of experts is dedicated to helping our customers reduce their environmental impact while maximizing their return on investment.

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